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Recent Guest Designers and Instructors

Iris Schreier was here and we started the gorgeous “Silky Tie Wrap” from her book Lacy Little Knits. 

Welcome aboard on Lucy's Ship!

I am Lucy Neatby, the Captain of the great knitting cargo ship, and a self-confessed fiberholic, hand-knitting designer, teacher, and former Merchant Navy Officer. We had a blast at Wool and Company on a voyage of knitting discovery ... the crew were a motley bunch, but this vessel was laden with a rich and precious cargo of knitting, ideas ... and practical help from the Bosun.

Knitting is a greatly under-valued art, and many people do not fully realize its potential!  You can read more about Lucy at Tradewind Knitwear Designs

Colored Dominos in the Shadows with Viv!

Vivian Høxbro has had the passion to knit ever since her grandmother taught her how to knit doll clothes at age four. As a professional knitwear designer for nearly 20 years, she has designed for various Scandinavian yarn companies and magazines, and spends her days giving workshops on knitting, color and design. She is the author of Domino Knitting and Shadow Knitting, which feature the knitting techniques that she has championed and brought her international recognition.

Vivian lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. To learn more about Vivian's designs, visit her website at

Vivian was at Wool and Company recently and held a series of workshops.  What a pleasure it was to learn from the internationally renowned expert in Domino, Shadow and Color  Knitting. 

Prayer Shawls Ministry

We are simply amazed and grateful that so many different Prayer Shawl Groups are thriving in this area.  If you have a group or would like to start one, we can help by providing donated and discounted yarn for your shawls.  If you have surplus yarn (ha) that needs a new home, we can turn it into a blessing for someone in need of comfort.  Donations are happily accepted at the Geneva store.  More information here ...